Open innovation in building and marketing new products

Grzegorz (Greg) Albrecht, speaker at Product Leaders 2017, got interviewed by our colleague, Steliana Moraru, Event Manager. 
Read on to discover his professional experience, lessons learned and challenges met along the way. 

Steliana: You have a professional background that spans from product manager to startup founder to venture partner. Share with us a bit more about what professional experiences you value the most and what is current role(s) looking like?Greg: I introduced my first product to the market in 2003 when I was 20. It was the first private label digital camera on the Polish market. It was an amazing adventure to find the supplier, design the packaging, introduce the product to the sales channel and personally run PR and marketing activities for this product. We reached 3% market share in the first year against such brands as Canon or Minolta.

Since then I have invested in a number of ventures ranging from an e-commerce platform with interior design goods to the first TV channel targeted at farmers. For the last few years, I have been actively supporting existing companies in starting new businesses and empowering the growth of small companies.
I work as a coach and mentor to business owners and C-level executives. Our team at Albrecht&Partners helps in turning ideas intro reality by facilitating decision-making processes, as well as designing products and customer journey. Recently I have joined Data Ventures – a B2B Big Data focused venture capital firm. This company invests up to 250k USD in early stage ventures. I am involved in the selection process and supporting the growth of portfolio companies.

Read the full article here.

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