Rebecca Wirfs-Brock – Interview with Alex Bolboaca on Architecture, Design, Smalltalk and Programming

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock decided to give us an interview on more topics.

She will be a speaker at I T.A.K.E. Unconference, Bucharest, 30-31 May 2013.  During this video she explains the main reasons why she likes this event: the open space and the fact that it is a coding conference.

Another topic of the interview is what a Software Architect should do, and what should not do. She is also talking about her workshop “Skills for the Agile Designer”. Check out the workshop description: She has a very interesting discussion with Alex Bolboaca about how much Architecture and Design should programmers know.

A very interesting topic is her experience with Agile. She says that Agile existed long before it had a name, as a set of values. Rebecca has been using the Agile principles for Software Architecture and Design. Rebecca talks as well about her experience in software development. You can see some insights about her experience of creating the Smalltalk language that had the first users, among others, Ward Cunningham and Kent Beck.

She talks as well about the books she wrote “Responsibility Driven Design” and “Designing Object-Oriented Software”.




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