Ryan Singer – Shape Up – How Basecamp Does Product Management

This is a talk recorded for Product Leaders conference, on 7 July 2020. The descriptions below were valid at the point of recording.

About Ryan Singer

Ryan Singer has worked on all levels of the software stack, from UI design to back-end programming to strategy.

Through over 16 years at Basecamp he has designed features used by millions while also inventing the very processes their teams use to design, develop and ship the right things.

In his current role, he’s focused on strategy. That means understanding what Basecamp customers are trying to do so the team builds the right things and makes the product more coherent over time.

About Shape Up

Ryan will explain how Basecamp has been able to ship meaningful improvements and entire new products — repeatedly, and on schedule! — for over 16 years. He’ll draw on practices and principles from his book Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters. In particular, he’ll focus on what product leadership looks like at Basecamp and how they integrate design, technical and business capabilities at each phase of a project.

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