Test everything? Stubs and Mocks? Community Answer

We asked the community for questions about TDD, and this is the first one from @jofla:

“Do we really need to test everything? Opinions on stubs/mocks?”

The answer is surprisingly layered and complex. Here are some things we detail in this video:

  • Benefits of automated testing vs. Downsides of users finding bugs
  • Cost of bugs: reputation, fix work, motivation, and opportunity
  • Cost of testing vs. Cost of not testing
  • Risk based testing vs. high coverage
  • What tests to avoid
  • Focus your tests on behaviors to decouple them from implementation
  • Different flavours of TDD
  • The best uses for stubs and mocks – and there are many more test doubles.

Watch now to learn more.

Did you know that we can help you define or improve your automated testing strategy? Contact us for details.

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