What age is a person? And more about programmer assumptions

If you know the birth date of a person and the current date, what age is that person?

The answer is: it depends on location.

We react in this video to the South Korean way of computing age, and to other falsehoods programmers believe. And we give advice on how to be prepared for the unexpected.

These are the articles that we discuss:

  • https://www.firstpost.com/world/explained-how-all-of-south-korea-might-become-a-year-younger-10583631.html
  • https://github.com/jameslk/awesome-falsehoods
  • http://www.creativedeletion.com/2015/01/28/falsehoods-programmers-date-time-zones.html
  • https://www.kalzumeus.com/2010/06/17/falsehoods-programmers-believe-about-names/
  • https://www.mjt.me.uk/posts/falsehoods-programmers-believe-about-addresses/

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