Startup Adventures With Samir Talwar

Samir Talwar is a software engineer, one of the fastest programmers we know, currently working at Digital Asset in Zurich. We invited him to discuss about his experiences with a startup, starting from his articles on what he learned:–introduction/.

Resilience and Tacit Knowledge – The Twitter Case

Alex is reacting to a very interesting article about Twitter’s expected problems after the recent layoffs. It’s a good time to discuss about hidden systemic issues in software development: tacit knowledge and the power of stable, cross-functional, self-organizing teams, and resilience in architecture. Article link:

Clean Code and Schools of Software Development

On 31st August, Dan North posted a few tweets critiquing the Clean Code book. We react to those tweets and discuss what it means to have an opinionated school of software development – and why it’s important. The tweets in question: Check out our Clean Code learning program. It helps you understand the reasons for …

Clean Code and Schools of Software Development Read More »

Architecture vs. Big Design Up Front

How much design up front do you really need when starting a new product? What is the relation between design up front and architecture? And what is architecture really about? We discuss this and more in this focused chat inspired by Simon Brown’s article “Software architecture isn’t about big design up front”. Interested in Software …

Architecture vs. Big Design Up Front Read More »

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