Evolutionary Design

Evolve your code in a natural way and satisfy the business needs with an iterative and incremental approach

This workshop is aimed to improve the knowledge of experienced programmers on how to evolve a software system. It is a practical workshop, with hands-on coding exercises and discussions around design options.

Evolutionary Design is the practice of growing a system in a natural way, by adding the minimum amount of code to satisfy the business needs in an iterative and incremental approach. When done right, the code structure changes continuously to optimize for change, thus allowing a constant speed of development for longer periods of time.

Why Attend

  • Use Patterns and Guidelines of system evolution in a natural way
  • Understand the risks of taking smaller or bigger steps in the evolution of a system
  • Start a system for the current business needs while keeping in mind the possible future changes

Who Should Attend

Programmers with at least 3 years experience with Unit Testing and at least 1-year experience with Test Driven Development on a daily basis

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion

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  • Intro about Evolutionary Design
  • Roots of Design, Test Driven Development, and Evolutionary Design
  • Design Focus: optimize for changeability
  • Schools of TDD: Classicist, Mockist. Is there a battle?
  • Exercise: Classicist TDD
  • Deductive vs Inductive Evolutionary Design
  • Exercise: Mockist TDD
  • Normalize, Optimize, Maximize Growth
  • Discussion: Patterns of evolving a software system
  • Taking Baby Steps – The Software Design Dimension
  • Exercise: Take only one design decision at a time
  • Entry point. From where to start evolving a system?
  • Exercise: choose several entry points and check the implementation difference
  • Four Elements of Simple Design
  • Exercise: Focus on refactoring
  • Feedback & Retrospective

More details and full agenda here


  • Very good knowledge of unit testing, refactoring
  • Experience with applying Software Design concepts, principles and guidelines
  • Practical knowledge of Test Driven Development
  • Laptop with installed Unit Testing Framework for your preferred language

Meet Your Trainers

Adrian Bolboaca

VP of Innovation, Senior Trainer at Mozaic Works

With more than 16 years of international experience in the world of software and transformations, Adrian shares about himself: I want to help my clients improve their business. I was helped by my professors, colleagues and mentors to continuously improve. Whenever I write code I focus on reducing domain complexity to obtain robust, maintainable software. The continuous improvement paradigm is important for the people I work with and for myself; this is why I like helping people, teams and businesses to become more adaptable and reach their goals. About Adi International hands-on experience in product & software development for more than 16 years in small and large companies, with customers from Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, France Experienced…

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