Refactoring Workshop in C++

Learn how to effectively improve the design of your code

Do you ever find yourself in the situation when:

  • Adding new features is very slow because of the existing code?
  • Developers complain about architecture and design issues?
  • Your teams ask for one month (or more) to refactor the code?

Then it is time to learn how to do refactoring correctly.

Why Attend

At the end of this hands-on, practical workshop, you will know how to:

  • Do refactoring as a normal part of the development
  • Never halt production to refactor
  • Solve incrementally the architecture and design issues, based on the current needs

In this workshop, you will also learn through many practical exercises done under the supervision of experienced refactorers:

  • Basic code refactoring techniques
  • Refactor in baby steps
  • How to effectively use your IDE for refactoring (only applies to Visual Studio, Visual Studio + ReSharper, Eclipse or IntelliJ Idea. It might apply to other tools who have similar refactoring features.)

Who Should Attend

Participants have had professional experience on at least 2 years working experience in  C++.

Practical Details

  • Language: English
  • Experiential, hands-on, interactive online learning with practical examples
  • Participants will be awarded a Mozaic Works certificate of completion

This Learning Program is Available on Demand


    • Introduction to refactoring
    • Doing Refactoring Manually
    • Common refactoring: Rename variable / field / method / class / parameter, Extract method, Extract class, Extract interface, Change method signature, Pull up, Push down etc.
    • Baby steps: refactor and have it working every few minutes
    • Refactoring tools
    • Baby steps with a refactoring tool

    Special topics, depending on the attendees requests:

    • Pure functions technique
    • Refactoring conditionals
    • Replace inheritance with delegation

    More details and full agenda here


    Participants must be proficient in C++.

    Participants need a laptop with:

    • A ready to use development environment: compiler, standard frameworks etc.
    • git / msysgit for source control
    • A text editor suitable for programming. Eg. SciTe/UltraEdit for Windows, gedit/kate for Linux, TextMate for MacOS

    Meet Your Trainers

    Alex Bolboaca

    CTO, Senior Trainer at Mozaic Works

    With over 20 years of international experience in the world of software and technology, Alexandru shares about himself: Being deeply passionate about technology creation I am a continuous learner in the field. Between reading, trying out technologies and multiple programming languages, presenting and participating to developer communities and conferences, I have learned enough to write two books and teach hundreds of developers. I love working with smart people who want to get better at what they do, whether it’s team work, communication, management or technical skills. I offer you my passion, my experience and my capacity to adapt to your needs. About Alex Over 20-years experience in software development, technology and transformations fields Polyglot programmer who uses modern development practices in C/C++,…

    More about Alex Bolboaca >
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