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TDD Workshop


This course introduces participants to using test-driven development (TDD) to improve software design and overall quality. Participants will be introduced to TDD as a tool for achieving basic correctness and modular design, for learning design, and for exploring solutions to development problems.

Why attend

Benefit from this intensive learning experience:

  • Effective use of TDD to drive development
  • Using TDD for achieving and learning modular design
  • Using TDD to achieve basic correctness
  • Using test doubles (stubs and mocks) for isolated tests
  • Behavior slicing
  • How to improve your TDD skills after leaving the class

Depending on the audience’s progress and requests, we might also discuss:

  • Dealing with legacy code
  • Styles of writing tests: mockist vs. classicist
  • and other related topics based on the participants’ questions

Plenty of hands-on exercises are used to reinforce the concepts presented, allowing participants to try the new development techniques at first hand.


  • Day 1: Introduction to TDD. The TDD cycle, exercises
  • Day 2: Further TDD exercises and discussions. Using test doubles for isolated tests. Behavior slicing
  • Day 3(optional): Advanced exercises. Topics upon request (e.g. dealing with legacy code)


Participants have had professional experience on at least one software project in Java, C#, C++, php or JavaScript. Participants would like to know how to design software incrementally with TDD.

Practical details

  • Included: welcome coffee, lunch and coffee breaks
  • Training language: English/Romanian/French
  • Participants will receive a certificate of attendance

Need a customized workshop? Contact us and we’ll adapt the content as required.