Patricia Aas And Alex Bolboaca

September 18, 2021

How does one feel about OOP after starting with functional programming? How to build a modern browser? And how can you avoid most of your security issues with C++? We discuss this and more with Patricia Aas. Patricia is a programmer who has worked mostly in C++ and Java. She has spent her career continuously... Read more

Linda Rising – Elegance in Programming

September 12, 2021

Why is elegance important in programming? How to identify it? And how does a math notion of elegance apply to programs? This is an excerpt from a longer conversation between Alex Bolboaca and Linda Rising. Watch the whole video here: Linda Rising is an independent software consultant who started as a scientist. She has... Read more

The secret origin of strong-style pairing with Llewellyn Falco

September 4, 2021

Many discoveries happen by mistake. It turns out that strong style pairing was discovered by mistake by Llewellyn Falco. This is an excerpt from a longer conversation with Llewellyn. Llewellyn Falco is an Agile Technical Coach specializing in Legacy Code and Test Driven Development. He is the creator of the open source testing tool ApprovalTests... Read more

You Are Bad at Anything You Don’t Practice

August 28, 2021

Did you ever think that a colleague was so much better than you at something because they were born this way? Chances are, they practiced that skill, often without realizing it. In this focused chat we talk about our experiences learning and practicing various skills, and give some advice on how to get better at... Read more

Gerard Meszaros Weird Bug

August 21, 2021

The story of one of the weirdest bug encountered by Gerard Meszaros. This video is an excerpt from a longer conversation. Find the first part here: Gerard Meszaros is an agile software development consultant, trainer, author and semi-frequent conference speaker. He is well known for his book "XUnit Test Patterns", for his contribution to... Read more

Felienne Hermans on Heidi

August 15, 2021

What would make a good programming language for learning? Find out more about Heidi, a language inspired by Felienne's research. This is an excerpt from a longer conversation with Felienne Hermans. You can find the whole conversation here: Felienne Hermans is an associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden... Read more

The hardest part of science with Felienne Hermans

August 7, 2021

What is the hardest part of science? And how does it apply to software development? This is an excerpt from a longer conversation with Felienne Hermans. You can find the whole conversation here: Felienne Hermans is an associate professor at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science at Leiden University, where she heads the... Read more

Armagan Amcalar on Hiring for Software Development

July 31, 2021

This is an excerpt from a longer conversation between Alex Bolboaca and Armagan Amcalar. You can find the full video here: Armagan Amcalar is a leader, entrepreneur, programmer, public speaker, musician and software architect. You can learn more about him on his website, on twitter and LinkedIn Alex Bolboaca is a... Read more

Prof. Roger Kneebone on Forming Experts

July 24, 2021

How do experts form? We discuss about this and more with Prof. Dr. Roger Kneebone, author of "Expert: Understanding the Path to Mastery" and a long time curious investigator of expertise in different domains. We share stories from our different domains and compare experiences, in a conversation that passed so quickly that we want to... Read more

Sheen Brissals: Why Was Serverless Used at LEGO Group?

July 24, 2021

Why did the LEGO group start using serverless? This is an excerpt from a longer conversation with Sheen Brissals, watch it here: Sheen Brisals is an AWS Serverless Hero. In his current role as a Senior Engineering Manager at The LEGO Group, Sheen’s focus is on architecting and building Serverless solutions. Sheen has held... Read more

Focused Chat: Flavours of Agile: Scrum, Kanban, XP

July 17, 2021

Scrum is not the only way to organise agile organizations. To be effective, you need to combine Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming (XP) in various ways. We talk in this focused chat about these the flavours, their similarities, their differences, and how to combine them based on your context. Adi Bolboaca is a VP, trainer... Read more

Nicolas Carlo and Adrian Bolboaca: Software Communities, Legacy Code, SoCraTes

July 3, 2021

Nicolas Carlo is a programmer who puts a lot of energy into communities, community building, learning and teaching, and he enjoys tackling legacy code. Adrian Bolboaca is the VP of Innovation in Education and Technology at Mozaic Works, with experience in programming, training, coaching, digital transformations and author of several books. Nicolas and Adrian... Read more

Styles of TDD

June 26, 2021

The topic of this Focused Chat is "Styles of TDD", where we discuss the different options of using TDD, where they are appropriate and the current understanding of these TDD styles. During our chat we discussed how to start using TDD in organizations, and what can be the benefits when TDD is used efficiently, but... Read more

Business Urgency vs. Technical Debt

June 12, 2021

Welcome to our first ever Focused Chat! The topic we picked is "Business Urgency vs. Technical Debt", and we discuss the common pattern, variations, and possible solutions. We also ended up chatting about the responsibilities of professional software developers, about power balance and organizational structures, and about conversations without technical jargon. Adi Bolboaca is a... Read more

Adi Bolboaca and Alex Bolboaca: Remote Pair Programming

June 5, 2021

When is pair programming useful? How do you know it works for you or your organization? What are some misconceptions about pair programming? And how do you adapt to working remotely when you want to pair? Watch this conversation between Adi Bolboaca and Alex Bolboaca on Remote Pair Programming to learn this and more. Adi... Read more

Clare Sudbery and Alex Bolboaca

May 29, 2021

Is math training related to writing better code? What about writing novels? And what are the differences between a job that's also a hobby and a job that's just a job? Watch this conversation for answers to these questions and more. Clare Sudbery is a lead consultant engineer with Made Tech. She is a maths... Read more

Ken Power and Alex Bolboaca

May 22, 2021

What are the keys to modernizing software development? Are we really engineers? And how can we practically use complex adaptive systems, Cynefin, sensemaking, and experimentation to improve organizations? This fascinating conversation takes you through all these questions, and touches on semiotics and anthropology as keys to improving organizations. Ken Power is a leading expert on... Read more