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A warm welcome for your first visit on the Mozaic Works blog! My name is Maria Diaconu and I am the founder and CEO of Mozaic Works.

I started the company in 2008 with the hope of helping individuals, teams and companies improve their results while feeling better about their work. At that point, the best way I found was through the agile / lean philosophy and principles. When software craft appeared as a new movement, I saw another way of moving forward with the goal and adopted it very early (I was the first code retreat facilitator outside US, pairing with Alexandru Bolboaca). I am continuously seeking other paths that help me advance my goal.

Today, the company is well established and leading on technical excellence adoption. We support software developers from European countries like Romania, Germany, France, Belgium, Bulgaria learn and adopt technical practices: unit testing, test driven development, refactoring, working effectively with large existing code bases and many others. We owe that to our amazing team of technical coaches. Adrian Bolboaca is well known throughout Europe for his community work and is often invited to facilitate practical workshops at conferences. Alexandru Bolboaca has worked with tens of teams from all over Europe and spoke at many European conferences on topics ranging from low level technical ideas, through soft skills and team dynamics discussions to cross-domain concerns.

Many organizations asked for our help to improve their results through learning or adoption of agile / lean practices. Our excellent organizational coaches, Flavius Stef and Alexandru Bolboaca were always up to the challenge. Flavius has read most of the literature related to organizational changes and has a large hands-on experience applying in real projects with real teams, from large to small, in startups or corporate environments. He often pairs with Alexandru Bolboaca, who helps with his versatility and extensive experience.

I see now a future of improving agility at the business level. We have first-hand experience at business agility because we do what we preach: we work in an Agile / Lean manner across the whole company. In addition, we recently helped startup companies and software departments of large companies improve their overall agility.

A few key points are interesting about Mozaic Works:

  • Our team is highly distributed. At any one point, Flavius might be in Timisoara, Alex in Nuernberg, Adi in Brussels, Nicoleta and I in Cluj, and the other team members spread throughout Romania.
  • We are highly productive. We use a mix of personal productivity techniques (GTD, Personal Kanban) and team productivity (Visual Management, Kanban, Scrum) that allow us to focus on the real priorities and advance on our goals even as a distributed team.
  • All our trainers / coaches are polyglot programmers and have undertaken various roles in software development teams, from programmer through team leader and project manager to software architect or manager.

In addition to the business, I strongly believe in sharing and volunteering for community work. Mozaic Works coaches often attend or facilitate community meetups in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Iasi, Sibiu or Targu Mures or in the many European communities we are part of. We organized six editions of the non-profit conference OpenAgile Romania in collaboration with the local community starting 2009. The growing and maturing Romanian agile / lean community was noticed; the Agile Lean Europe community voted to bring the ALE Conference to Bucharest in 2013. We are proud to support this non-profit conference with our team’s efforts.

I hope the above will convince you to visit our blog and read more about our experiences. If anything from our commercial offer seems tempting, don’t hesitate to ask us about it. Our customers appreciate the friendly customer service we offer; our colleague Nicoleta is doing a great job at it.

Have a great read!

Maria Diaconu
Mozaic Works Founder and CEO
Romanian Agile / Lean Community (AgileWorks) founder

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