Architectural Fitness Functions

When you start developing based on your architecture, you are entering a socio-technical system, a system that will evolve in various directions depending on outside and internal factors. This evolution is difficult to manage, and a potential solution is to use the concept of architectural fitness functions. In this video, we look at what they …

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Agility vs. Project Management

Is project management part of agility? Or is agile and project management in an unsolvable conflict? We discuss about project management vs agility, starting from a tweet by Thierry de Pauw and the replies he got: We also discuss Johanna Rothman’s article “How To Recognize Effective Project and Program Management”

Startup Adventures With Samir Talwar

Samir Talwar is a software engineer, one of the fastest programmers we know, currently working at Digital Asset in Zurich. We invited him to discuss about his experiences with a startup, starting from his articles on what he learned:–introduction/.

Resilience and Tacit Knowledge – The Twitter Case

Alex is reacting to a very interesting article about Twitter’s expected problems after the recent layoffs. It’s a good time to discuss about hidden systemic issues in software development: tacit knowledge and the power of stable, cross-functional, self-organizing teams, and resilience in architecture. Article link:

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