Object-First Design

Structurally, objects are nothing more than a set of partially applied, cohesive functions. And thinking in objects should (perhaps) not start with writing the “class” keyword. In this video, Alex is offering an alternate perspective to the common “class-oriented development” used in many of the modern programming languages. This perspective is not meant to be

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Fundamentals of Cryptography For Developers

We noticed in our interactions with developers that their knowledge of cryptography is limited, which leads to possible security issues. This video is an introduction to fundamentals of cryptography for developers, touching on three topics: If you want to learn more, check out our Secure Coding learning program, specifically built for developers who want to

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Parallel Change

Parallel Change is a technique you can apply on many levels, from extracting a variable all the way to deploying a new version of your product, that allows you to safely implement changes without breaking existing code. In this video we describe what it is, what are the steps, and show an example. Links:

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