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Q&A About Functional Programming in C++

In this video, Alex Bolboaca is answering a few common questions about functional programming in C++ and about his latest book on the topic. Enjoy! You can find the book on Amazon and at Packt Publishing If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Alex on twitter @alexboly.

Enterprise flight into DevOps space

This is a guest post by Andrey Adamovich The first time, I gave a talk titled “Enterprise flight into DevOps space”, was in late 2014 at DevConFu conference. After that, I have delivered the presentation several times during 2015 at various conferences in Europe. For some time, I considered that a “closed topic” and did not …

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What is Evolutionary Design?

Evolutionary Design is the practice of growing a system in a natural way, by adding the minimum amount of code to satisfy the business needs in an iterative and incremental approach. When done right, the code structure changes continuously to optimize for change, thus allowing a constant speed of development for longer periods of time.   In …

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Technical Leadership: Lessons from the trenches

Is technical leadership important? Even in a modern, agile / lean / software craf company? My experience says it is not only important but the key to the improved performance of developers. Whether we’re talking about a team technical lead, a software architect, a CTO, or an informal leader, I often see the need to understand their …

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Unit tests with Spock

This article has first appeared in Today Software Magazine.  Why Spock? When we first started working on our project at work, we searched for an easy-to-use tool that would help us write readable and concise tests. We chose Spock, because in combination with Groovy it provided exactly what we needed: readable BDD-style tests that we …

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Practical Tips for Automated Acceptance Tests

The complete interview can be found on InfoQ.  Adrian Bolboacă, Organizational and Technical Coach and Trainer at Mozaic Works, got interviewed by Ben Linders, InfoQ, about different types of tests, writing sufficient and good acceptance tests, criteria to decide to automate a test, and how to apply test automation to create executable specifications. Testing techniques …

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Specification and good specification: What’s the difference?

This is a guest post by Thomas Sundberg What makes one specification a bad specification and another specification a good specification? What is the fundamental difference between two specifications? Software is special One important difference between physical things and programs is that physical things are complicated to test. Physical things usually need special tools to …

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