Q&A About Functional Programming in C++

December 12, 2019

In this video, Alex Bolboaca is answering a few common questions about functional programming in C++ and about his latest book on the topic. Enjoy! You can find the book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Hands-Functional-Programming-Practical-Production/dp/1789807336/ and at Packt Publishing https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/hands-functional-programming-c. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact Alex on twitter @alexboly.

Management 3.0. The Role of an Agile Manager

November 29, 2019

Guest post by Ralph van Roosmalen Imagine this: You are working as a manager at a company, you work there already for years and things are not going bad but you know there is room for improvement. You heard about Scrum, Agile, the Agile Manifesto… and you decide to learn more about it. You visit a few conferences, attend... Read more

Knowledge Refinery

September 29, 2019

In the next video, I’m introducing the idea that a software development team is a knowledge refinery. It takes crude knowledge in the form of vague needs and wants, and refines it through successive processes into precise, executable knowledge – otherwise known as computer code. This video continues on the ideas presented in the previous... Read more

What is Really Software Engineering?

September 10, 2019

I recently started writing my fourth book, “Mastering Software Engineering in C++”. This led me into asking a fundamental question: what is really software engineering? You may find the answer surprising. Here’s the video: If you have any questions on comments, please don’t hesitate to post them below.

Modular Monolith Or Microservices?

February 10, 2019

It’s impossible to ignore the topic of microservices today. We hear about them from social media, conferences, specialized websites, books, framework vendors, communities, colleagues. It seems like they’re the only way to go. But are they? To answer this question, we first need to explore why are microservices so useful, what are their downsides and... Read more

What is Evolutionary Design?

May 10, 2018

Evolutionary Design is the practice of growing a system in a natural way, by adding the minimum amount of code to satisfy the business needs in an iterative and incremental approach. When done right, the code structure changes continuously to optimize for change, thus allowing a constant speed of development for longer periods of time.   In... Read more

Open innovation in building and marketing new products

May 29, 2017

Grzegorz (Greg) Albrecht, speaker at Product Leaders 2017, got interviewed by our colleague, Steliana Moraru, Event Manager.    Read on to discover his professional experience, lessons learned and challenges met along the way.    Steliana: You have a professional background that spans from product manager to startup founder to venture partner. Share with us a... Read more

Practical Tips for Automated Acceptance Tests

April 20, 2017

The complete interview can be found on InfoQ.  Adrian Bolboacă, Organizational and Technical Coach and Trainer at Mozaic Works, got interviewed by Ben Linders, InfoQ, about different types of tests, writing sufficient and good acceptance tests, criteria to decide to automate a test, and how to apply test automation to create executable specifications. Testing techniques... Read more

Management 3.0: Context is Everything

April 12, 2017

This is a guest post by Ralph Roosmalen Scrum versus Waterfall. Management 1.0 versus Management 3.0. Automated Testing versus Manual Testing. Estimation versus No Estimations. SAFe versus LeSS. So many different opinions on all kind of topics and it seems like people always want you to choose between left or right, up or down etc. When... Read more

Customer is the centre of everything | Booking.com way

April 6, 2017

Richard Omollo, UX Designer Booking.com and speaker at Product Leaders 2017, just got interviewed by our colleague, Monica Obogeanu, product manager at Mozaic Labs. Read on to discover his professional experience, lessons learned and challenges along the way.    Monica Obogeanu: Snooping through your LinkedIn profile, I noticed you have a wide & varied experience. Please tell... Read more

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Mobile, DevOps, Software craftsmanship and more

March 31, 2017

The 5th edition of I T.A.K.E Unconference, the only technology agnostic event in Central and Eastern Europe, is taking place in Bucharest, Romania, 11-12 May. With a line-up of more than 30 international speakers, 6 keynotes, 6 parallel tracks, a technical Open Space and many opportunities for coding, the event brings together top-notch software crafters who lead the change in... Read more

Tools for teams: Capacity planning with Kanban

March 23, 2017

As practitioners and trainers using Kanban, we insist on a few changes in perspective that it requires in order to be effective. One of them is capacity planning. Kanban, like Scrum, assumes that the capacity of the team 1 is fixed in the short term. This leads to the question: how can we use the current... Read more

Specification and good specification: What’s the difference?

March 10, 2017

This is a guest post by Thomas Sundberg What makes one specification a bad specification and another specification a good specification? What is the fundamental difference between two specifications? Software is special One important difference between physical things and programs is that physical things are complicated to test. Physical things usually need special tools to... Read more