Think. Design. Work Smart. YouTube Channel

How do we deliver fast? How do we adapt to a fast changing world? How do we innovate? How do we learn and how others are coping with change and every day challenges

If you are looking for inspiration and a new source of practical knowledge, we are welcoming you to the Mozaic Works video channel on YouTube: Think. Design. Work Smart

We believe in long life learning. We are here for you. Once a week you can find a new video on topics such Agile, Agile Leadership, Business Agility, Software Architecture and Design, Building Innovative Products, High Performing Teams, and so on. 

You are on a leadership position or want to become a leader, Mozaic Works Think. Design. Work Smart. YouTube channel is for you.

Watch the video to see what Think. Design. Work smart. is

For a manager, product owner, scrum master, architect, software developer, team member or business person, Mozaic Works Think. Design. Work Smart. YouTube channel is for you.

If you are an executive looking for exemples of digital transformations, Mozaic Works Think. Design. Work Smart. YouTube channel is for you.

You’ll hear from Mozaic Works trainers and their valued guests, Alexandru Bolboaca, Carlton Nettleton, Adrian Bolboaca, Liz Keogh and Thomas Sundberg being just the first to share from their practical experience. 

In the first videos we’ll cover some Leadership Challenges and Agile Challenges. Modern organizations face market challenges that force them to undergo transformations. They seek to improve customer experience, to adapt faster to changing conditions and modern customer needs, while having effective results. Our conversations focuses on challenges that leaders and product people from modern organizations face, and how to overcome them.

Can you standardize Scrum at Enterprise Level? Think. Design. Work smart.

We encourage you to let us know what topics you are looking for, what challenges you face and what solutions you are looking for. This channel is created for you. We want to create the content valuable to you.

Subscribe, register for notifications and let us know your thoughts too. 

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