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January 17, 2017

We are committed to champion software excellence and challenge the current practices. Our aim is to constantly improve: business, product, and teams. That’s why, in this last month we carefully selected pieces of advice, practical ideas for you & your team to improve and grow.  For you to easier access them, we present you the... Read more

mozaic work ebook

Agility implies Craftsmanship

April 10, 2016

This article was published first in¬†Today Software Magazine, no¬†16. Below it‚Äôs the full¬†version.¬†The authors are¬†Alexandru Bolboaca¬†and Adrian Bolboaca.   In 2001, a group of people unpleased about the state of software development gathered in a mountain ski resort from Utah. One thing leading to another, they started discussing about the industrial methods applied at the... Read more

Joining a team? 5 techniques to start & a developer story

March 31, 2016

Making a new developer¬†productive as quickly as possible is most of the times challenging for the product team. I’ve¬†heard stories about new on-boarding team members needing up to several weeks, or even months, until they feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough about the project and the code. This shouldn’t be the norm. Situations like these are... Read more

Innovate, Focus, Deliver event for startups and innovative teams

March 17, 2014

Last night, in Bucharest, entrepreneurs, managers and people interested in focusing ideas towards realisation met at TechHub. It was a special event where they found out: What practical tools to use in their teams Which solutions help and support them in their day-to-day challenges Maria Diaconu welcomed the audience with a few words about innovation, entrepreneurship and... Read more

Why Kanban? How to Kanban? (Video)

March 17, 2014

A few weeks ago, Flavius Stef and Alexandru Bolboaca organised a special meetup for the AgileWorks community in Bucharest. The topic of the meetup was Kanban and it had two parts. First, Flavius Stef and Alexandru Bolboaca presented what Kanban is and how to adopt it. In the second part of the meeting, free discussions organised as Open Space allowed attendees to learn more practical... Read more

How to reduce waste – a supermarket model

October 4, 2013

A¬†supermarket is¬†a large form of the traditional¬†grocery store, a¬†self-service¬†shop¬†offering a wide variety of¬†food¬†and household products, organized into aisles. The good thing about it is that I find a large variety of products. Supermarkets don’t look like an interesting organization; I was surprised to find out that they were the basis of one of the prevalent... Read more

ALE2013, the last day

September 1, 2013

ALE2013 finished with the most fantastic day. It started with some minutes of wakeup gymnastics. After the speakers introduced their talks, attendees chose between talks on lean startup, continuous improvement, offers and pricing or software design. The offer was very attractive and again we had to choose one talk out of three going on at a... Read more

ALE2013, the second day

August 30, 2013

What a day…what a night! So many activities and so intensive that I didn’t realize when the time flied. So, I am writing now about the day before. I will tell you shortly what happened yesterday. Flavius Stef and Claudia Rosu opened the day with the intro. They surprised us inviting the ALE kids (participants‚Äė... Read more

First day of the unconference ALE2013

August 29, 2013

The first magic day started with the open intro made by the organizers. Jurgen Appelo had the opening keynote about the new organizational structure of the 21st century: the network, not the hierarchy. I realized from his talk that learning through experiments and remembered is the way to improve. After the speakers introduced their talk, it was challenging... Read more

The very last day before ALE2013

August 27, 2013

We are ready for ALE. Are you? I was at Radisson Blu Hotel this evening for the last day of ALE2013 preparations. The venue is ready to receive all the ALE2013 attendees. The organizers, including the Mozaic Work team and the volunteers prepared the unconference rooms with logistic and materials. Everything is in place for... Read more

Adopting Kanban: The Beginning

February 19, 2013

This is the story of the first 4 days of an ongoing 6 months Kanban adoption that we started with a small company from Cluj-Napoca. The company develops its own web-based product with a good commercial success. It started with the founder and General Manager of the company contacting us for a discussion about their... Read more

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